Technical specifications

Fire safety in Tunnel

  • The placement of nozzles is under the light fixture and cable trays to protect these from fire.
  • Secures escape routes for personnel during evacuation.
  • Maintaining electricity, lighting, ventilation and other control systems in the tunnel.
  • A PLC-controlled magnet valve with Fail Safe Open function in each zone.
  • The tunnel is parted into different zones, each zone is approximately  100-150 m.
  • The first zone starts about 50-100 m inside the tunnel, from that point a spray nozzle is placed on each side with 10 -12 meter intervals.
  • Nozzles at each end of the zone are set tup to close the area (zone) of to prevent gases and smoke from migrating into the tunnel.
  • Overlapping Waterwalls are shown here by the darker fields.
  • A main supply of water.
  • A magnet valve for correct zoning
    with a Fail Safe Open Feature.
  • Heat Detector. Fiber optic cable.
  • 50 mm nozzles. The nozzles creates a Waterwall horizontally and vertically.
  • In case of the fire spreading, new zones will open.

    The system can be operated remotely from a  road-central / fire station and with  local controls at both tunnel entrances.

Data sheets