Ensures human life
and reduces
the damage scope


Fields of application: Fireproofing, protection, saving lives and values,
reducing the level of injuries and subsequent costs of fires.
Waterwall deliver these services:

  •  Fire protection in tunnels
  • Fire protection of wooden houses, grade II listed houses, Densely built wooden houses, parking garage, outbuildings/barns, public buildings, etc.
  • Garages and parking houses, operational buildings, government buildings.
  • Fire protection of waste landfills.
  • Fire protection of buildings against forest fires.
  • Shipping industry, supply boats, tankers etc.
  • Petrochemical industry.
  •  Refinery, oil storage.
  • Gas terminals. (LNG facilities etc.)

Waterwall has its own Norwegian patented technology.

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Fire protection in tunnels

Waterwall AS can with its technology help to:
Save lives, reduce injury rates, reduce costs,
and help speed up the reopening process of the tunnel.

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Technical Specifications

The nozzles were initially designed for Off-shore use. The nozzles are designed to create a solid wall or curtain from water. The large holes prevents clogging and blocking of the nozzles. The nozzles are patented.

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Adress: Varabergmyra 10, 4051 Sola

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